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How to Choose an Ethical Private Investigator


There are many negative stereotypes about the private investigative industry.  One of the reasons is due to the unscrupulous antics that some investigators have received notoriety for.  We’ll describe later on what makes an ethical private investigator.

What are ethics?  Knowing how to deal with what is good or bad and knowing how to apply moral duty and obligation appropriately.  It’s having a set of moral principles and values that govern conduct.

Some of the behaviors of unethical investigators have included activities such as staging ride-alongs for the media, crafting stories for clients, embellishing facts to suit the client’s objectives, stretching the truth to demonstrate heroic measures taken for the clients benefit, pretending to be law enforcement etc. etc. etc.

  • Look for an investigator that will not lie to you, manipulate the facts or exaggerate.
  • Look for an investigator that will tell you the truth even if he/she missed a key event or made a mistake.
  • Look for an investigator who will follow the law without bending or breaking it.
  • Ask “what if” questions of prospective investigators to determine their level of ethical behavior.

Carolina Investigative Associates employs only ethically responsible investigators with the highest standards of integrity in their personal and professional lives.  We will never compromise.


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