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Personal Security: Identity Theft Avoidance Tips While Traveling


Many people become relaxed when it comes to threat awareness or personal security during vacation or traveling for business.  This can be due to being out of the normal routine and attention is focused more on unusual areas and activities that take up time and concentration.

With some pre-trip planning, you can decrease the likelihood that you will fall victim to identity theft or burglary.  Here are some suggestions:

Prior to Leaving

  • Decide what payment methods to carry with you – Don’t bring everything available to you unless of course, you will need to use all of the payment forms.  Credit cards are preferable to debit cards – this is because debit cards when compromised can wipe out all your funds in the account.
  • Clean out your purse and wallet.  Do not bring pictures, account information, receipts, social security cards, checks, etc., that may give information to a person wanting to compromise your personal information.
  • Secure sensitive information in your house to a location that is hidden or best yet, under lock and key.  This will deter the chance of the information being compromised in the event of a burglary while you are away.
  • Store important information such as license numbers, insurance information, credit cards, etc., in an electronic form in a secure “cloud” or safety deposit box in the event the information is stolen or lost.
  • Do not announce your travel plans on your online social media accounts – although this is very tempting and seems innocuous, this increases your chance of burglary.
  • Place a hold on your newspapers and mail delivery – overfilled mail boxes and other accumulation of items such as papers and advertisements make your home an easy target to identify that no one is home.
  • Remove unneeded files that contain personal information from electronic items that you plan to bring along such as your phone, laptop, tablet etc.  Install and learn how to use all the features of a “find-my-device” application if available.


Stay tuned for the upcoming list of suggestions for “During Your Trip.”

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